Android World USA – Freedom 10 Tablet – 10.2″ high resolution

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The Freedom 10 tablet is designed to give your digital lifestyle the most advanced Android-based functions at a very affordable price. This high-resolution 10.2 inch color tablet delivers full Android connectivity and access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps. Customize your tablet using the Apps library to download your favorite apps. The Freedom 10 tablet allows you to surf the web via a Wi-Fi connection to give you the freedom to browser, enjoy movies, television programming, music, photos, use your E-mail, read books with the E-reader, video chat with friends and family or play games, even Angry Birds! The Android World USA Freedom 10 tablet has additional features not found in the iPad 2 including the expandable storage up to 32GB, Flash 10.1, HDMI 1080p port and more. Plus the Freedom 10 is half the price.

Android World USA – Freedom 10 Tablet – 10.2″ high resolution screen, 1GHz, Android 2.2, Mini SD Card storage, HDMI output, Wi-Fi 802.11g, a loaded tablet !

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